About Us

myPharma Thinktank: Linking You To The World of Pharma and Biotech Research

You have complex questions that require precise answers. Mypharma Thinktank is a highly integrated collection of databases which can be used to support strategic decisions, business development, and clinical development.

An offering of Eli Global, our powerful platform is backed by hundreds of researchers working around the clock and across the globe to provide real-time insights and information solutions about companies, products, clinical trials, partnerships, licensing opportunities, regulatory tracking, and patents. This information is seamlessly integrated to facilitate quick and effective decision-making.

All of the information on Mypharma Thinktank has been reviewed, evaluated, and curated by a team of researchers and staff with decades of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Eli Global, based in Durham, NC, was founded in 1991 and today has 4,000 employees operating from more than 20 locations globally. Eli is a collection of independently-functioning leaders, brands, and companies focused on the financial, health care, insurance, marketing, and sales industries.